Neil Castelli

Owner Operator

CrossFit Certified Level 1

Neil is a Police Officer and Crossfit box owner. Once in a while you might catch his SWAT team at Mutiny for a grueling workout or conditioning. He is an Ironman finisher, triathete, avid runner and mountain biker, and loves local Crossfit competitions.

Above all Neil is an experienced fitness coach. If he's not working, he's at the gym, competing, or coaching his 2 children in soccer, baseball, as well as speed/strength training.

Bradney Boli

Owner Operator

CrossFit Certified Level 1

CrossFit Certified Rowing

CrossFit Certified Nutrition

Brad is a 3 time half Ironman finisher and 4 time marathon finisher. Needless to say he's a high adrenaline fitness junky and he enjoys the outdoors as much as he does Crossfit. Among other things he is an advanced alpine skier, rally car enthusiast, and experienced fitness consultant.

If he doesn't immediately have answers for you he'll readily find them. Your problem is his problem and he sincerely accepts and enjoys the challenge of finding personal and tailored solutions to reach your fitness goals.

Anthony Montes deOca

Anthony is a Crossfit Level 1 certified Coach.  He is an avid Crossfitter and loves to compete in local Crossfit competitions.  His favorite movement is heavy squats.  His nickname is the "Thruster Buster".  He is also a fantastic photographer and you may see him taking pictures around the box and competitions.  Anthony is a student of Olympic weightlifting, and is always looking to better his himself through his training.

Robb Johnson

Robb is an avid Crossfitter and competitor.  He loves coaching and sharing his Crossfit knowledge with others.  He truly has a love for Crossfit and spends all his time either coaching, helping others achieve their fitness goals or training himself.  

Crossfit Level 1 certified

Crossfit Level 2 certified

Crossfit Olympic Lifts certified

Crossfit Gymnastics certified

USAW weightlifting certified

SMR certified

Kurt Vasquez

Kurt is a Crossfit Level 1 certified coach.  He has also been a personal trainer for most of his life.  He loves coaching and sharing his knowledge of movement standards and proper techniques.  Kurt also enjoy running and hiking.  Kurt likes to compete in running events and triathlons.  He also has a love for Olympic lifting.

 Alberto Castaneda

Alberto is the Mutiny Affiliate Manager.  He is a Level 1 certified Crossfit coach.  He is as passionate about Crossfit as he is about coaching and helping others.  Alberto spends his time helping all levels of athletes, whether it be his evening running class that he invites anyone to join, or bettering his own abilities by attending Olympic Lifting classes.

Jessica Ortega

Jessica is one of our intern coaches, and training to become a level 1 certified Crossfit coach.  She has a passion for fitness and teaching others.  Jessica has competed in numerous Crossfit competitions and loves to push herself, and demands the same from the classes she teaches.

Jason Longfellow

Jason is an accomplished and well recognized Olympic lifting coach, and owner of Longfellow Athletics.  He is USAW certified and a lifting competitor himself.  If he's not coaching, hes flying somewhere to compete.  He has trained under some to the most sought out Olympic lifting coaches and passes that skill and dedication on to his students.