CrossFit programming is designed for universal progression making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity, we don't change programs.


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    WOD WEEK 06/11/2018

    Monday June 17, 2018

    Front Squat (Week 1 of 4)

    5 x 65%
    5 x 75%
    Max reps x 85%

    Metcon (Time)

    Row 1000m "Buy In"
    Immediately into...
    6 Rounds:
    9 Pull-Ups
    9 American KB Swings 70/53
    9 Front Squats 115/75

    Time Cap: 18 min.RX+ 135/95 + CTB Pull-Ups

    Tuesday June 19, 2018
     Metcon (Weight)
     Every 4min. x 5 Rounds:
     20/15 Cal Assault Bike
     1 Round of ascending "DT"
     *Start at 135/95 and add each round
     *Score is the highest weight you complete in the 4min. CAP
     *DT is 12 deadlifts + 9 Hang Power Cleans + 6 Jerks
     *Can anyone hit 225/155 on that last round!?
     Accessory Work
     Metcon (No Measure)
     Functional Pump Circuit:
     3 Rounds:
     1min. of Push-ups in DBs

    Wednesday June 20, 2018

    Every 2min. x 8 Rounds:
    10 Toes-To-Bar
    2 Snatches (Climbing)

    Metcon (Time)
    For Time:
    400m Run
    1 Rope Climb
    400m Run
    2 Rope Climbs
    400m Run
    3 Rope Climbs
    400m Run
    4 Rope Climbs
    *(Time Cap: 15min.)
    *RX+ is legless


    Thursday June 11, 2018



    Friday June 14, 2018

    Saturday June 23, 2018

    regular schedule 

    Luau Party 


    Sunday June 24, 2018

    Coach Doug will have the original SS ready

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