Javier Chagolla

Javier has been involved with sports his entire life, and for the last 5 years his sport has bee nCrossFit. After completing a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a research internship in training adaptations, he began coaching professionally. He started his coaching areer by training runners to compete in 50 and 100-mile races. He has since coached semi-professional soccer players, triathletes and CrossFit. In addition to coaching Javier loves to cook, be outdoors, and drink coffee daily. He is also an athlete himself, as he constantly working to improve in CrossFit, and take on new challenges. He plans on completing a marathon in 2019 and eventually an Ironman in the next few years. Javier is qualified to talk about any topic from squats to the best way to brew coffee, so don’t hesitate to ask him anything at all. If you want to reach Javier, but haven’t seen him in the gym, feel free to email him at javier7546@yahoo.com
Exercise Science B.S.
CrossFit Level 1