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Free vegetables to all families in need

We are helping out our community by handing out free vegetables to all families in need!  

Mutiny will have a drive thru set up on Sunday from 11am – 1pm handing out free bags of vegetables.

January Birthdays

Tara Hull
Maria Kaster
Joan Capili
Gevorg Davtyan
Almira Coo
Andrea Morales
Joanna Pappavasiliou
Carly Roleder
Alfredo Sandoval
Suleim Soto
Monique Davalos
Dan Le
Tracey Miller
Elizabeth Gamboa

November 16 Saturday @8:30am Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash Saturday November 16 at 8:30am

  Marilyn   Arellanes        
  Amy   Leung         
  Adam   Olson         
  Casey   Selders        
  Evan   Wikoff         
  Adam   Chang        
  Mario   Rodriguez


Weightlifting Competition – November 23rd Weigh ins start at 7.30 $65 sign up now

Non USAW no singlet required. beginner and intermediate lifters welcome.

SIGN UPS ARE AT https://competitioncorner.net/events/2986#.XboGb5pKjIU

OR Venmo @mutinycrossfit please include your total in Kilos (Clean & Jerk + Snatch = Kilos) sign ups are open

Winners will be determined by Sinclair Coefficients + age

Birthday Bash Saturday October 19 at 8:30am

Join Us! We are throwing a BIRTHDAY BASH in honor of ALL the October Birthdays!

Super excited to have a day where we can gather and celebrate all the birthdays of the month.

You are welcome to bring friends or family to celebrate with your Mutiny Community!

We will have special Federico’s Bakery cake!

Gabrilia Perez

Paul Guevara

Joshua Guerrero

Sofi Prorok

Michelle States

Fernando Arnanda-Brambila

Lauren Mclaurin

Amador Arteaga

Andrea Kelly

Margaret Guillen

Rosa Mejia

Justin Couwenberg