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Getting started with CrossFit is simple at Mutiny CrossFit!

The first step is to call or email us to set up your free, introductory session. This allows you the opportunity to meet us, and find out firsthand what we do and who we are. If you decide that Mutiny CrossFit is for you, then your next step is to enroll in our Foundations course so we can teach you proper form and technique. After you complete your 3 Foundation courses, you are free to join in on any CrossFit class.

By offering one-on-one training during the Foundation course, we minimize distractions and can pay maximum attention to your individual needs. In the Foundation course, you will learn how to perform the fundamental CrossFit movements safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition into the Group Workouts.

HIT-CON "High Intensity Training and Metabolic Conditioning"

If your new to the Sport of Fitness, you can start by joining our HIT-CON "High Intensity and Metabolic Conditioning" classes.  HIT-CON is a fun high energy class that concentrates on body weight movements and doesn't tap into the complex weight, and Olympic lifting movements you find in the CrossFit classes.  If your looking to tone up, shed body fat, and build a healthy new lifestyle, this may be the class for you.   This is a great intro to CrossFit, and a fantastic way to build stamina and raise your metabolism.  Your first HIT-CON class is always free, just call or email to set up your trial.

We welcome you to call us so you can try your first class free you may come in and see firsthand who we are, and what we do!

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Pricing / Sign Up

CROSSFIT Membership Prices 

145/month for unlimited CrossFit (this includes our HIT-CON program as well).

130/month for a second member on the same account.

125/month for Police/Fire/Military. We thank you for your bravery and service.

Your first monthly fee includes your 3 foundations classes.

HIT-CON (High Intensity Training & Conditioning) Prices 

85.00/month for Unlimited HIT-CON

There are no contracts; so there is no pressure or hassle. We have built a thriving fun community and want you to love being part of it; not feel trapped in a contract. We guarantee once you start and see your results, you wont want to stop.



Train with a certified USAW Olympic lifting coach and competitor to increase your strength and technique.   Strength and lifting programs are personalized for each lifter by the coach. There are three 90 min classes per week, membership gives you unlimited access to all the classes.  If you want to take your Crossfit to the next level, or prepare for competitions, this class is for you.