CrossFit programming is designed for universal progression making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity, we don't change programs.


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  • WOD Tuesday 6-22=3-15


    4x200 sprints 

    (1 min rest between each)



    100 DU's

    20 pull ups

    15 back squats (135/95) (115/75) (95/55)

    10 hand stand push ups

    15 back squats

    20 pull ups

    100 DU's




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    Weekly WODs

    Monday, 8/13/18
     Front Squat
      (Week 1 of 4)
     5 sets of warm up 
     65% x 5
     75% x 5
     85% x max reps
     *In between each set complete 20 Russian Situps with the heaviest DB you can. 
     For Time:
     25 pull-ups
     50-calorie row
     100 overhead squats 45/35lb. bar
     50 box jumps 24/20
     25 pull-ups
     Time CAP: 15min.
     RX+ is 10 bar or ring muscle ups each time instead of the pull-ups


              4 RFT
    20 DL 255/205 (155/105)
    Must be able to do in 5’s
    15/10 Cal Bike
    20 DB Reverse Lunge 60/40
    DB In the power clean position
    15/10 Cal Bike

    18 Minute time cap



    Power Clean and Jerk 

    15min. Running clock...
    5 Reps at 50%
    3 Reps at 60%
    3 Reps at 70%
    2 Reps at 75%
    2 Reps at 80%
    1 Reps at 85%
    1 Reps at 90%
    Start trying to a hit a new max if possible!

    *Once the clock starts, you just start cruising through at your own pace. The sooner you get to 90% the sooner you can start trying new maxes. Keep your form solid, you may share bars, and keep the same jerk the whole time. (Push Jerk or Split Jerk)

    *If you do not know your percentages, then just try and add something each set. You will definitely get tired running through this, but I promise this is how PRs are born. That little bit of stress can make all the difference.


    (AMRAP - Reps)

    2min. AMRAP:
    12/9 Cal Assault Bike Sprint
    8 Push Jerks (135/95)
    Max Burpees in remaining time

    Rest 1min. x 5 Rounds

    *Score is Burpees only
    *I really want you to move quick! You should have about a minute on the burpees, so if you don't, scale a few things back.
    *We did something similar 2 weeks back with DB Snatches and TTB
    *RX+ is 10 Jerks


    WeightliftingSnatchOn the 1:30 for 7 Sets:
    2 Power Snatches
    2 Overhead Squats

    Technique loads to start and then build if you feel good.

    Focus on the positioning of your OHS. Most people will usually like a slightly wider stance and their toes pointed slightly out. If you're flexible, you may like a closer grip on the bar... Just play around here and lock down YOUR setup.


    (AMRAP - Reps)

    Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
    2 rounds of:

    12 (1) DB OHS 70/50
      50 Double Unders
      16 Alt. (1)DB Snatches 70/50 50/35
    Then, 2 rounds of:
      12 (1) DB OHS 70/50
      50 Double Unders
      16 (2) DB Power Cleans  70/50 50/35

    1 round is 82 reps. If you finish, remember to start again! It does NOT end until the 15min. mark. Going to need a calculator today, but fun one!


    Board WOD

    team series with coach Neil 


    Metcon (No Measure)3 Piece today... Partners of 2 (only 1 works at a time)

    5 Rounds: (0-10min.)
    12 Push Jerks 135/95
    24 Toes-To-Bar

    10-17min. (With a partner)

    1mile run (in 200m intervals)

    17-30min. (10min. AMRAP)
    Front Squats 135/95
    Burpees over the bar

    Each section has a time cap so you gotta move! Finish early and you get rest. Go slow and you're going to be wishing you went faster ;)

    RX+ is 155/105+ on the barbell


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